All Pro LSW Racing Heads!
West Coast Cylinder Heads is please to announce the completion of our latest Gen3/Gen4 LS7 style cylinder head. The All Pro LSW head opens a new era in cylinder head flow technology with a whopping 400+cfm of intake airflow and 260cfm of exhaust flow. This 12° head is a hardcore cylinder head built to holdup to severe duty in both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. Extra material surrounds the intake and exhaust ports to insure that plenty of wall thickness is left after CNC machining. These robust castings are available with a 6 bolt head bolt pattern and also have a 3/4" thick deck for a superior head gasket seal.

The reinforced rocker bosses include large 7/16" bolt holes and are staggered drilled for rocker stand stability. The LSW heads readily accept 1.625" diameter valve springs and coupled with Jesel or T&D rocker systems provide reliable operation beyond 8000 rpms. They also have factory located intake and exhaust bolt holes to accept all LS7 style manifolds and header combinations.

Currently we offer the LSW heads with several port and chamber configurations. Our most popular intake port is the 285cc runner. It utilizes a 2.200" intake valve and will handily see 410cfm peak. More recently we've added a slightly larger 290cc intake port program that utilizes a larger 2.250" intake valve diameter and reaches a peak flow of 432cfm. To match both the 285cc and 290cc programs we have a 106cc and 110cc exhaust port program. The smaller 106cc program retains a more conventional 45 valve seat angle while the 110cc port uses a steeper 55 seat angle. Both programs accept a 1.600" valve diameter. Valve choices are stainless steel, titanium and inconel and the costs will vary depending on material and application.

Two combustion chamber programs will finish the chambers at 64cc or 69cc depending on application. Milling can adjust the final chamber size to your desired volume. For extremely small chamber sizes the LSW heads can be angle milled. We recommend a nominal bore size of 4.100" be use with the LSW heads.
All Pro LSW 12° Cylinder Head Flow
Intake tested with radius flow plate.
Exhaust tested without test tube.

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